Our Purpose

The Scouting program changes thousands of lives every year. Many of those lives are changed through the outdoors program of Scouting: the camping, hiking, and high adventure activities that make up so much of a Scout’s world. It’s no coincidence that three-quarters of “Scouting” is “outing.”

Yet, in order for these life-changing moments to happen, there must be an opportunity for Scouts to be outdoors. The purpose of Camp McKee is to provide a facility steeped in the outdoors tradition of Scouting. Your Scouts’ lives will be enriched by their encounters with nature.

Summer camp, outdoor education center, protected forest, and more—McKee is all of these. But the focus has always been, is now, and will always be on the youth in the Scouting program, whose lives are being enhanced through the outdoor program made possible at Camp McKee.

Camper practicing at the archery range.
The Order of the Arrow helping to improve campsites.
Camp McKee's Climbing Tower.
Camper practicing at the shotgun range.